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Year 1 Open Day – What you had to say.

We recently held a Year 1 Parent day in which parents came into school to take part in activities alongside their child. We believed it would be a fantastic chance for parents to see their child’s learning environment and what exactly the kids get up to all day. As part of it we asked for feedback and were overwhelmed by the positive reception. One parent said:


“The parent session was good. It was nice to see what the children get up to and have a look around their classroom.”


We were delighted to have so many parents accept the invitation to join us and it seems the feeling was mutual, another parent said:


“It’s been really nice to be able to see my child’s classroom and be part of her school life.

It’s made me feel more involved and like pre Covid times” 


We understand that this past year has been difficult on everyone, especially when it comes to parental involvement and we appreciate parent’s hard work and cooperation with remote learning, when it was needed.


” Good to see my child doing activities. My child enjoyed me being here so I would recommend you have more of this.”



We absolutely will aim to hold more of these mornings and we’re glad both you and your children enjoyed it so much.

Finally, your feedback is invaluable and we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.






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