Improvement · Quality · Respect · Achievement


IQRA Academy is an outstanding school which is above average in size, compared to other primary schools.
The school is accredited for its work through the Healthy Schools status. It holds an Every Child Matters award for promoting pupils’ personal development, a Quality award for standards at the school and the Financial Management Standard for financial administration and control.

Iqra Academy offers the highest standard of care, alongside excellence in learning. Under the energetic and visionary leadership of the principal, this school has gone from strength to strength. Thorough reviews of performance and the school sets exceptionally challenging targets for itself.

Managers, staff and governors are fully committed to our motto of ‘Improvement, Quality, Respect and Achievement’. The capacity for sustained improvement is outstanding. Behaviour is excellent and harmonious relationships exist between the different age and ethnic groups.

Pupils demonstrate great respect for cultures and beliefs that are different from their own and show care and kindness towards each other. Pupils assert that they feel safe and that adults deal swiftly with any worries they may have. The rate of attendance is high, reflecting pupils’ enjoyment of school.

Teaching is outstanding and lessons are challenging. Our teachers know their pupils very well and relationships are excellent. Academic and personal development is tracked closely.

Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities have personalised programmes and support that are specifically tailored to help them learn. Those who are more able rise to their teachers’ high expectations and relish the challenges presented to them. The curriculum is outstanding and includes some innovative and imaginative links between subjects.

These result in excellent opportunities for pupils to practise their basic skills, research, investigate and learn independently. Special teaching groups and booster classes ensure that pupils reach their learning targets; they very successfully underpin the rapid rate of progress.