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Dewberry’s Diamond Superstar

We are extremely proud of Musa for winning bronze in the international Sambo competition.

Sambo is a martial arts sport that originates from Russia. The competition took place in Berlin (Germany) and Musa was the youngest person in the competing!

Well done Musa.


5 responses to “Dewberry’s Diamond Superstar”

  1. Mrs Bleem says:

    Well done Musa
    What an achievement
    You will need to show us some of your moves!

  2. Mrs Bashir says:

    Well done Musa, I am so proud of you!
    I knew you could do it.
    You are a shining Dewberry Diamond.

  3. Lubna Aamer ahmed says:

    Well done Musa champion.
    We are all proud of you.
    Lots of love n prayers from your AHMED family.

  4. Sanna Ali says:

    Well done Champ! Uncle and Sanna Pupo are so proud of you ❤️ keep it up!

  5. Ahmad Raza says:

    Well done you have won a trophy!!! I know that you have a trophy because you have been behaving in P.E. 🏆🏆🏆

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