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Wales Residential 2019

The children enjoyed lots of activities on Monday, including caving, team-building, an assault course and camp fire.

Updates and pictures will be posted here throughout the trip.

Mobile phone reception in the area is particularly poor but we will keep you informed with news and update pictures as much as possible.

59 responses to “Wales Residential 2019”

  1. Laaibah’s Mum says:

    Hello Laaibah (class 5A)

    Hope you got there safe and sound. The delay must have been boring… hope you’re not going to miss out any of the fun activities planned for today because of it!! Look after your money, try not to lose it like you did on your last residential :-p Looking forward to seeing lots of photos. Enjoy! ❤️

    Love from Ama xxxx

  2. safia Kausar says:

    Hiiiii iman (5D)

    We are pleased to hear you have got there safe and well!

    We hope hope you and your friends have lots of fun and a wonderful time,looking fowerd to seeing your pictures😁

    We all miss you so much 💋
    Love mummy,daddy and Alishba xxx

  3. From your Mum Dad Maira and Eisa says:

    Hiya Musa Hussain,

    Glad to hear you have got to your Wales residential trip safe, hope the drive down wasn’t to exhausting.

    Hope you have a wonderful Time with your friends and teachers.

    I cought you on some of the photos, looking very cool xx

    Enjoy you stay, and stay out of trouble, be a good boy like always.

    Missing you lots already

    Love from

    Ami, Abu Maira and Eisa xxxx

  4. Fozina says:

    Hey Ibraheem (class 5O)
    I’m so happy you’ve arrived there safely alhamdullilah 😊
    Hope the book we hid in your back kept you occupied so you didn’t get too bored .
    Remember we’re expecting some awesome pictures so jealous we couldn’t go so get posing 😊
    Hope you’re having a great time with your friends and not giving the teachers too much headache lol
    Hope it goes well and don’t loose your stuff please 🙏🏼
    Mummy ,Zain ,Mika miss you loads xxx (me more then them 😭)

  5. Abu-Bakr Hussain says:

    Hello Abu-Bakr,

    Hope you have lots of fun.

    We all miss you and yes even Bilal and Rukaiyah lol!

    Lots of love Abu ji xxx

  6. Isaac iqbal says:

    Hey Zaynab I miss you so MUCH! hope you have a wonderful time. See you on wednesday.

  7. Hello Abu-Bakr,

    Hope you are having a good time and enjoying your trip in Wales

    We are all missing you and yes so is Bilal and Rukaiyah lol

    Have fun and be safe!

    Love Abu ji xxx

  8. Haidar (Laaibah’s brother) says:

    Hello Laaibah (5A). It’s me Haidar your little bro. I’m missing you a lot same with Zakariya, he’s saying he wants to give you a big sloppy kiss! xx

  9. Shiffa’s mum says:

    Hello Shiffa (5 O)
    hope you are having lots of fun. Me an Hibba are missing you heaps and it’s so quiet at home without you.

    Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of your adventures. I will take care of dolly and penguin.

    see you on Wednesday inshAllah

    Love you lots
    Mum and Hibba

  10. Hannah says:

    Maariya N (5A) I miss you soooo much hope you have fun I love the putty by the way ❤️ out of the country is it 😥 miss you I Love you lots and can’t wait to see you love Hannah

  11. Hello Shiffa (5 O)

    Hope you are having lots of fun and it’s not too wet.
    Me an hibba are missing you so much, the house is very quiet without you.

    Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of all the activity and adventures.

    I will take care of dolly and penguin.
    See you on Wednesday inshAllah

    Lots of love
    Mum & hibba

  12. Hello Taha,
    Alhamdulillah You got there safe.
    I am hoping you enjoy all actitives, Have lots of fun with your friends and enjoy Your time.
    Don’t worry if u lose anything. Look after yourself and take good care of your class fellows. Listen your teachers please!
    looking forward to seeing your photos.
    I miss you but I am happy you are enjoying there. I am very proud of my son.
    Lots of Love xx.x
    From Mummy

  13. Sabiah Khalil says:

    Hi laiba Rashid hope u ok
    Hv fun and a wonderfully time .

  14. Bilal Saddaqat says:

    Aleena hope u have reached safely enjoy urself as u have been looking forward to this residential eat well have fun mummy misses you already looking forward to seeing more awesome pictures of u take care my baby looking forward to seeing u home soon inshAllah home is very forlorn without you.mummy n daddy

  15. Eemaan says:

    Hi hamna (5o)
    Have fun,Saba is missing you already.
    Love from mum,dad,and Saba and me xx

  16. Midbah says:

    Hi Fareehah Ali (5O)

    Glad to hear you all arrived there eventually…..and made it for the first activity.

    Enjoy the evening…don’t stay up too late!

    Misbah and Zak….

  17. Isaac iqbal says:

    Hey Zaynab I miss you so Much! Have a wonderful time. See you Wednesday. In’sha’Allah x

  18. Shain says:

    Hi Zaynab
    Have lots of fun. Miss you.
    Love from mum,dad, Isaac and Yusuf xx

  19. Iysha says:

    Hey fareeha Ali (5o).

    Hope your having a great time..looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back home.

    Lots of love Aunty iysha

  20. Saireen says:

    Hi Fareehah A
    We miss you! House seems very quiet without you…look after yourself and your friends…
    Love you
    Mum x

  21. Saima bibi says:

    Hi Aidan hope u having great time have a lots fun yahiya missing u a lot see u soon xx Lots Love auntie

  22. Uzair Khan says:

    Salaam Aidan Alp
    Glad you got there ok. Everybody at home misses you so much especially Yahiya.
    Hope your on your best behaviour.
    Have a great time
    Love Abu and the rest of the family x

  23. Naveed says:

    Hi Hassan (5D)
    Gald to see you are enjoying your trip(pics) and your delay was not too long.
    Hafsah and baba are missing you. have a wonderful time. Please ensure you have taken your medication and went to bed on time.
    Enjoy your trip.
    Hugs and kisses

  24. Hamzah Zakir 5O says:

    Hope you are enjoying yourself Hamzah we all miss you. Take lots of pictures. lots of love mum , dad and Haaris

  25. Laaibah’s Family says:

    Hello Laaibah (5A)

    Hope you had a good day. We all saw your photos and it looks like you’re having loads of fun! Phil is wishing for you to be home soon 😄 Look after yourself! Goodnight Lulu…

    Lots of love from Ama, Pablo, Haidar and Zakariya xxxx

  26. Z mohammed says:

    Hamzah Zakir (5O)

    June 24th 2019 seemed an eternity away and it finally arrived! Hope you made the most of your first day! Haaris has occupied your bed very happily and has made the most of his turn with your cricket bat :-).Enjoy your time away, these moments will live long in the memory. Fill that camera!!!

    Lots of love

    Mum and Das

  27. Jameel Hussain says:

    Hiya Musa

    Hope you had a fantastic first day, missing u lots and lots at home, have a good night’s sleep ready for tmrw.

    Love Abu, Ami Maira and Eisa xxx

  28. Saima says:

    Hi aryaan .. missing u hope ur having a great time.. can’t see u any of the pictures. Lots of love from mummy.

  29. Nasreen says:

    Salaam Dhanyal boy. Hope ur ok and enjoying ur trip. Missing u a lot haven’t seen u in pics make sure u have fun and stay safe. See u soon in Sha Allah love from mum and dad

  30. Rehana Khan says:

    Salaam all and ameera
    Where are you in the pics??? Hope you are all having an excellent time!
    Stay safe. Cant wait for you all to get back! Xxxx
    Mummy abu ayaan and aaminah

  31. Aarzu's Mum says:

    Hello Aarzu
    Just seen your photos. I’m glad ur having fun
    miss you loads! Hadi is missing u too.

    Love you
    Mummy and Hadi

  32. Sahira Bano says:

    Dear Amaya,

    I can see that you’re having an amazing time. We all miss you so much. Pictures of you smiling and having a lovely time are keeping us going. As I said before you left, have a fabulous care free time, you deserve it our sweet princess.

    Cant wait to see you tomorrow and hear about your adventures.

    Lots of love and hugs angel,

    Mummy, Daddy and Samah xxx

  33. Jameel Hussain says:

    Salaam Musa,

    Hope you had a good night’s sleep, miss u lots my lovely boy.

    Looking forward to seeing what you will be doing today.

    Look after yourself and your friends, be on your best behaviour and stay safe.

    Miss u lots x x

    Love Abu x

  34. Sudais mum says:

    Have a brilliant time Sudais.

    Try to do all the activities and make the most out of Wales!

    Your sisters are more missing loads X


  35. Nighat khan says:

    Hiiii Simra
    Hope your well my love, it looks like your all having a lovely time in Wales hope the weather is good there for you… (it’s pouring here 😩😩) you enjoy yourself there and make lots of lovely memories lots and lots of love from mum dad Malia and Amelia 😘😘

    P.s Amelia has not touched any of your teddy’s or your bed ✌🏼 Xx

  36. safia Kausar says:

    Hi iman 😘
    Hope u are enjoying yourself, not seen you in pics 🙁
    Missing you loads
    Make the most of wales can’t wait to see you tomorrow
    Lots of hugs and kisses 💋💋
    From mummy, daddy,alishba xxxxxxx

  37. Maariya’s dad says:

    Salams Maariya … Hope you are having lots of fun and have enjoyed your time so far. We can’t wait to hear about your exciting adventures.

    Treasure these moments and build as many memories as you can. Your sister and brother misses you.

    Take good care.
    From Dad, Mum, Sister & Brother
    (Reach for the sky)

    Fi Amanillah

  38. Javaid Iqbal says:

    Hiya Zaynab!!!!

    Hope you’re having a fab time in Wales. Miss you loads baby..


    Dad xxxx

  39. Mum says:

    AsSalam Alikum Ammar missing you hope you have a great time.

  40. Mum says:

    Salam Alikum Ammar missing you hope you have a great time.

  41. Laaibah’s Family says:

    Hiiiiiiii Laaibah (5A)

    Hope you’re having a very good time! Looking forward to seeing more pics later of you all 😊 We’re all missing you loads… home has been so quiet without you!! Look after yourself. Love you. xxxx

  42. Mika says:

    Hi Ibraheem Zaman 5O
    It’s Mika we miss you look carefully in the room when you come back at night
    hope you enjoy your amazing trip

  43. Zain Zaman says:

    Ibraheem Zaman(5O)
    Hey Ibraheem, I hope you are enjoying your residential. I miss you so much and i will see you soon InshAllah. I love you profusely xxx

  44. Ayaz says:

    Hello Qasim, Did you brush your teeth last night??😊 How about this morning??😘. See you tomorrow inshallah xx Abu Jee
    P.s. Everyone’s missing you!

  45. safia Kausar says:

    Hi Baji Iman,

    I hope your enjoying your trip and having fun with your friends.

    Lots of love your little sister Alishba x

  46. Ruqayyah Ali says:

    Hey Fareehah! (5O)

    Hope you’re having a really good time! Enjoy yourself and have fun!
    Look forward to seeing you when you get back 🙂

    Love Ruqayyah xo

  47. Amreen Akhtar says:

    Hey Aleenah,

    Hope your enjoying yourself!! We are all missing you, except Aliyah (who’s happy to have the bed to herself).
    Just kidding!!

    See you tomorrow inshaAllah xxxx

  48. Amreen Akhtar says:

    Hey Aleenah, (5A)

    Hope your enjoying yourself. It looks so fun!!

    See you tomorrow inshallah xxx

  49. Sudais's dad says:

    Hey Sudais

    Hope you are having lots of fun and enjoying the weather 😂

    Looking forward to hear all the stories you are going to tell us. We are missing you loads, I don’t have anyone to practice football with.

    Love you Daddy and Mummy

  50. Maariya (5A), hope you are having lots of fun and making the most of the trip, Hannah has added a few more lines to her surahs so you will have some catching up to do when you are back 🙂

    See you soon

    Lots of love

    Chaacha and Chaachee

  51. Saireen says:

    Hi Fareehah
    Hope you had another action packed day!…And the weathers been kind to you.
    We miss you to the moon and back!In shaa Allah we will see you tommorow…
    Love Mum Dad Misbah Zak ♡♡♡

  52. Jameel Hussain says:

    Hiya Musa,

    Hope you had a fun packed day, Maira and Eisa havent stopped asking about you, they are missing u lots x

    Get a good night’s sleep and In’sha’allah can’t wait to have you back home tmrw xx

    Lots of hugs and kissis xxx

    Love Ami and Abu xx

  53. Sadia Kauser says:

    Hi Maha (5O)

    Hope you enjoying yourself.

    Spotted you in the pictures looks like you are having lot’s of fun!!!

    We are missing you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

    Love mummy and daddy!

  54. Dad says:

    Maariya Nasar!!!!

    Guess what, WE MISS YOU, our chocolate brownie 🙂

    Like the way you were rocking the boat, captain Maariya.

    Hope you enjoyed those midnight feast 🙂

    Love Dad, Mum, Sister & Paw Patrol ♡♡♡

  55. Fatima Bilal says:

    Hello Aleena hope u had a fabulous time at Wales sleep well wish you luck get ready for returning home tomorrow see u soon inshAllah take care love mummy and daddyxxxxxxxxx all the best.

  56. aysha parveen says:

    hi aarzu ( 5A)

    hope you are doing well baby and having loads of fun with your friends!

    we’re all missing you at home and can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear all the stories.
    lots of love she she 💕

  57. Jameel Hussain says:

    Salaam and good morning to Musa and his friends and teachers.

    The pics last night looked amazing, looks like it’s been a brilliant experience, aww you looked like a real hero with the helmet and waterproof jacket on.

    Miss u lots and lots Musa my sona puther xx

    Can’t wait to see you later today In’sha’allah

    Be a good boy, love u lots

    Abu xx

  58. Rucksana Bi says:

    I’m glad you are all having fun. See you soon M Yousuf.

  59. safia Kausar says:

    Hi iman

    Not long to go nw can’t wait to see you
    Love u loads xxx

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