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Virtual Sports Day – Tuesday 7th July



Iqra Academy’s Sports Week will unfortunately not be able to go ahead as normal this year.

However, to ensure that children do not miss out on the fun sporting activities we would like to invite all children to take part in a Virtual Sports Day! This event is being organised by Yorkshire Sports Foundation.

Please click here to view a message from Mr Beeley.

Please click here to view further information from Yorkshire Sports Foundation.

The challenges are all easily adaptable to suit all ages and abilities. No specialist sporting equipment is required!

Challenges include:

Netball Challenge

Keepie Uppie Challenge

Rugby Challenge

Gymnastic Personal Best Challenge

20 Second Speed Bounce Challenge

Please click here to submit your scores. Please note this link will only be live from 10am on 7th July up till 12pm on the 8th July.

We would love to see pictures of pupils taking part. Please email pictures to the relevant year group email address and give permission for the pictures to be added to the website.

30 responses to “Virtual Sports Day – Tuesday 7th July”

  1. Mr Beeley says:

    Good luck everyone! Try your best and have fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to hear all about your scores when I see you all. Take care and stay safe!

  2. karima Elidrissi says:

    Amira bennadji did listen to what Mr Beeley has said and she is doing the handstand on 7.7 .2020 at 10.00 at home.

    • Mr Beeley says:

      Very impressive Amira! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Make sure your being careful with those Handstands. Look forward to you showing me when we get back.

  3. Musa Hussain (class 6M) says:

    I did all the net ball challenges and I got 10 points.Then I did the speed bounce challenge and I did 13 jumps in 20 seconds. I liked when I had to lie down and catch the ball because it was challenging but i managed to do it.

    • Mr Beeley says:

      Good work Musa! 13 Jumps in 20 seconds is a very good score. Very quick feet from our star defender ๐Ÿ’ช

  4. Maira Hussain 4A says:

    I did the netball challenge and I got 8 points. Next I did the speed bounce and I got 18 jumps. I was very fast at jumping over the cones. My favourite challenge was when I threw the ball up and sat down to catch it. I enjoyed doing all the different activities.

  5. Imaan Nazir -purple class says:

    I got 7 points in the netball challenge. I think it was hard to spin around and catch the ball.
    For the speed bounce challenge I got 10 points and I got really tired because I was doing lots of jumps.

  6. Haleema Snodgrass (1B) says:

    I did the netball challenge and it was very difficult because the ball was coming back down too quickly. I liked clapping and catching the ball. I got 5 points and I was really happy.
    Then I did the speed bounce challenge. This was really fun because I like jumping. I did 6 jumps.

  7. Maryam Ehsan says:

    Maryam Ehsan(2B)
    I did the netball challenge and I had lots of fun but it was abit difficult when I had to spin around and I got dizzy I got 8 points.
    Then I did the keepie Uppie I keeped the ball with my hands for 14 secends in the air.It was abit challenging but I enjoyed it.I did the speed bounce challange it was abit tricky and Igot 28points.I really enjoyed all activities.

  8. Maryam Ehsan says:

    Sarah Ehsan(Bewbery, Reception)
    Sarah did net ball challenge, she really enjoyed. She scored 4 points. Then she did speed bounce activity and did 24 jumps in 20 seconds. She enjoyed alot.

  9. Ummamah6C says:


  10. Asiyah (4c) Maariyah (2GK) says:

    Asiyah and Maariyah enjoyed sports day with their neighbour friend.
    They enjoyed all the challenges especially the keepie ups they found using a balloon better and more fun as the wind kept blowing the balloon away!

    • Mr Beeley says:

      Well done Asiyah and Maariyah. Getting other people involved and using a balloon sounds like a great idea! Glad you both enjoyed it.

  11. karima Elidrissi says:

    Rayan bennadji Mr Nawaz and Mr Beeley I have been doing my homework every day and I do PE like ball tag with Amira and we do balling,dancing,cone.
    But I miss and my friends and my teacher๐Ÿ™‹

    • Mr Beeley says:

      Keep up the good work Rayan! Us teachers are missing all our pupils too. Looking forward to teaching you next year.

  12. Lubaba says:

    When will they post the results? I can not wait

  13. Lubaba (6C) says:

    I will miss everyone when I go to Secondary School. Even the PE staff

  14. Aisha Naveed says:

    Hi Mr beeley let I just wanted to bye as I am leaving u have been my bet PE teacher ever thanks for keeping me fit but also giving me a fun time I will miss u when I leave I hopefully u will remember me….byeee

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