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Principal – Mrs S Anwar-Bleem

Deputy Head Teacher – Mrs N Gilpin

Deputy Head Teacher –Mrs J Shovlin

SEND Co-ordinator – Mrs A Lindup


Business Manager – Mrs S Hosker

Finance Officer – Miss S Mahboob

PA to Principal and Senior Leadership Team – Mrs J Spence

Receptionist – Mrs C Ahmed


Teachers – Mrs L Dodsworth (Foundation Stage Manager), Miss A Chowdhury (Nursery), Mrs Fleetham (Lilac Class), Mrs S Bashir (Dewberry Class), Miss A McVay (Purple Class)



Mrs Lindup/Mrs Bright (1LB)

Mrs S Hussain (1H)

Mrs A Moore (1M)

Hi my name is Mrs Moore and I have been teaching at IQRA for 4 years. I have worked in Reception and I am now teaching in Year 1.

Miss Austick (2A)

Hi, my name is Miss Austick. Over the years I have worked within year one and year two. When I am not found working in the classroom you will find me spending lots of time with my family. I have two little girls and love being able to take them out to see lots of animals at the farm or zoo with my partner.

Mrs Sitti (2S)

Hello, my name is Mrs Sitti. I started working at Iqra when I was a newly qualified teacher. I have worked in years 1 and 2. I am currently one of the year 2 teachers and I am also the head of year 2.

I did my teacher training in Scarborough and this is a town that I love to go back to visit. I enjoy exploring different cities in the UK as well as visiting different countries around the world.

Mrs S Tufail (2T)



Mrs R Dunn-Birch (3DB)

My name is Mrs Dunn-Birch. I began teaching in year 1, moved to year 2 and have now been a teacher in year 3 for many years. I am also the head of year 3. It has always been my dream to teach since being at primary school myself and love knowing that I make a difference to children at the beginning of their school lives. I have two children of my own and love spending time with them and my husband. We go on camping trips, visit the theatre, walk in the countryside and spend lots of quality time together as a family.

Miss N Mudassir (3M)

Hi my name is Miss Mudassir and I am now in my second year of teaching as an RQT at Iqra Academy! Starting my teaching journey at Iqra Academy has been worthwhile and fantastic. I have always wanted to teach because teachers of all walks of life and subjects have the ability to shape opinions and help form ideas about society, life and personal goals. I love to go on outdoor adventures, shopping, visit new countries and spending time with my family.

Mrs J Garlick/Mrs N Kausar (3GK)

Hi, my name is Mrs Kausar. I have been a part of the Iqra family for many wonderful, very rewarding years. Over the years, I have taught children from nursery all the way up to lower KS2. I love teaching all lessons, but my favourite are creative, messy lessons which involve lots of fun! In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my 2 boys and exploring the outdoors with them.

Miss S Azhar (4A)

Hello, my name is Miss Azhar and I have been teaching at Iqra for 4 delightful years. I have enjoyed my time here and have worked in Years 4 and 5. I have a passion for reading and learning new languages.

Miss J Cory (4C)

Hello, my name is Miss Cory. I have enjoyed my time here and have worked in year 3, 4 and 5. I am currently the Head of Year 4. I have a passion for History and English. I always wanted to be a teacher and I have never looked back!

Miss Harding (4H)

Hello, my name is Miss Harding. I have had the pleasure to teach at this school for a number of unforgettable years. I have experience of working in Years 2, 3 and 4 and I cannot imagine working at any other school. On the weekends you will find me exploring West Yorkshire on my bicycle or relaxing with a good book.

Mrs C Armitage (5A)

Hi my name is Mrs Armitage, I have worked at Iqra across year groups and currently teach in 5. I have a passion to promote mental wellbeing within school. In my spare time I enjoy walking, doing yoga and baking brownies with my family.

Mrs M Mehrin (5M)

This is my second year teaching at Iqra academy and I am looking forward to working with Year 5 this year. I studied Politics and Contemporary History at university however, my goal has always been to teach and I am so happy to have followed this dream.

I have recently moved back to Bradford, where I grew up, and Iqra is the first primary school I have worked at since returning. Prior to this I was teaching in a small village school in Chalfont St Peter so working at a large school like Iqra been a fantastic experience. My hobbies include reading, travelling and spending time with my family.

Mrs R Naylor (5N)

Hi, My name is Mrs Naylor. I started at Iqra as a newly qualified teacher sometime ago. I have taught in Key stage 2 and I am currently a year 5 teacher. I am a very talkative person and enjoy getting to know new people and love to ask the question ‘Why?’ When I am not teaching, I love to spend time with my family.

Mrs H Dawson (6D)

Hello, my name is Mrs Dawson. I have worked in year 5. I am now a year 6 teacher. I love to read and will read almost any genre. In my spare time I love sewing, knitting, doing jigsaws and many other different craft activities. I also love to spend time with my family and my pets.

Miss S Williams  (6W)

Hello, my name is Miss Williams and I have worked in mainly in key stage 2 (Y6). I have enjoyed each and every year. I am currently back in year 6 and I am the Head Of Year. I enjoy teaching maths. When I am not working, I enjoy going for a run and create great imaginary using cross stich.

Miss Naaz (6N)

Hello, my name is Miss Naaz. I have been teaching the wonderful children of Iqra Academy for a number of years. I have mostly taught in Year 4 and I am now embarking on a new adventure teaching in Year 6. I’m very passionate about creative tasks and love sharing my passion of art with others. I also enjoy baking lots of yummy treats in my spare time.


Year 2 – Miss S Afzal

Year 3 – Miss A Hussain

Year 4 – Mrs S Basharat

Year 5 – Mrs L Khatoon

Year 6 – Miss M Akhtar


Mr Zain (HLTA)

Mrs Javaid

Mrs Ratnik

Ms Thomas


Miss R Hussain

Mr A Khan

Hi, my name is Mr Khan and I am one of the Learning Leaders here at Iqra Academy. I have been working here for a number of years and have enjoyed every minute of it . I also teach P.E .  One of my strengths is challenging and motivating pupils to do their best. I enjoy all sports and I am a very passionate Liverpool fan.

Mr Z Nafees

I work as a learning leader at Iqra and I am a part of a very innovative team. we are always striving to do our best for our children and the community.

I thoroughly enjoy my job as each and every day is different and presents a new challenge.

In my spare time I enjoy baking (my cheesecakes are to die for), playing different sports, BBQing (whenever there is abit of sun), spending time with family and visiting new places around the world.


Mr R Beeley (Lead Coach)

Hi, my name is Mr Beeley, I teach PE at IQRA Academy. I enjoy taking part in tournaments and competitions. As a PE teacher I see a very different side to the pupils when they are engaged in physical activities.

Likes: Football, Running, Climbing and Teaching. Dislikes: Loosing and Glory supporters.

Mr A Towler

Hi, my name is Mr Towler, and I am a PE Coach at IQRA Academy. I have been teaching here for 3 years, and thoroughly enjoy teaching the children new skills and sports within PE. I always encourage the children to perform to their best ability and strive for success. My favourite sports include Football, American Football and Badminton. I support Bradford City (Football) and Carolina Panthers (American Football).



Mrs H Khatoon


Mrs S Hussain


Mrs A Majid

I have been a member of staff for several years and greatly enjoy working with pupils at Iqra. I manage lunchtime duties and work with the lunchtime staff to establish a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for children during lunchtimes.

Mrs S Hussain



Mr I Davies                                         Mr P Cusack