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Special Days From Around the World

Busy Bees have been extremely excited this term learning about ‘Special Days’ celebrated around the world.  They researched how the Chinese New Year is celebrated in different parts of China during the festive season and how 2022 is the ‘Year of the Tiger’.
We also found out that the Chinese New Year is all about happiness, health , wealth and prosperity.

Our pupils were all able to say the phrase ” Kung hoy fa choy” which means “we wish you a happy new year” in Chinese.




The students did lots of exciting activities such as making lanterns with bright colours. The lanterns had intricate symbols which are a sign of happiness and peace. Children were also able to count to 5 in Mandarin and children had a go at using Chinese chopsticks which was fun!


The most enjoyable part by far had to be learning ‘Wushu’, also known as ‘Kungfu’ which is practised throughout China. We also decided to show what they learned as part of a dragon show, which was performed for Iqra pupils and staff –  Busy Bees put together an exhilarating performance and lead a parade throughout Iqra  :- We’d love to share some pictures with you.


6 responses to “Special Days From Around the World”

  1. Busybee parent says:

    This is just incredible. I remember buying my child a Chinese tshirt just for this event and it was well worth it. Everything mr zain and the teachers have done for my child in busybee is just outstanding! Best school In manningham thanks to these teachers. Please continue to do special fun days like this.

  2. Mrs Bleem says:

    Than you Mr Zain and teachers for making learning so much fun
    I enjoined watching the children play their parts. They were so confident and had learnt so much
    Thank you to parents for your support too
    Than you BB team.You rock

  3. Proud parent says:

    These pictures show a million stories. I am so proud of my son. I love how busy bees has had such a good affect on my boy. Thank you teachers in busy bees and mr zain for doing so much for all the children in the class. May Allah bless you all ameen.

  4. Hamaad says:

    Yes Mr Zain! You taught me few years ago and now my cousin is in your class. He talks about how he loves coming to busy bees everyday and I don’t blame him I used to love your advice you used to give us in playground sir. Thank you for helping him. Hamaad

  5. Meena says:

    Wow this event looks very nice u should have more like these children would be very happy to take part in these events. I love how u guys keep children happy and active throughout the day keep it up teachers 👏 ❤

  6. Nazia says:

    I am so proud of my son Isa. I love have busy bees has had such a good effect on my son words can not describe. Thank you to the teachers in busy bees and mr zain for doing so much for our kids. May Allah swt bless you all Ameen

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