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Here are some links for fun ways to practise mathematics:

Interactive Maths games and Activities

Maths Chase

Children are using IXL and TT Rockstars  in their classrooms this year and can also access this on-line learning site at home.

The Role of the Maths Mentor

Maths Mentors should act as good role models for maths in all areas of the curriculum.

Each morning, ask your teacher which resources she needs for today’s maths lesson and where she would like them to go in the classroom.  It’s your job to get these out each morning.

If you complete your work, see if anyone else in class needs help.

You might be asked to lead a starter or another part of the maths lesson.  Your teacher will tell you if you need to do this.

You might be asked to help out with a maths lunchtime club this year too.