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Secondary Feeder Schools

You will need to start thinking about which schools you may be interested in while your child is in Year 5. This is when the choice adviser visits local primary schools to make parents more aware of the whole process. The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (CBMDC) sends out the application forms and guide for parents to the school.

Please find some of the feeder schools for IQRA. By clicking on the school links will take you directly to their website for further information.

Beckfoot Upper Heaton

Belle Vue Girls School

Bradford Girls Grammar School

Bronte Girls Academy

Bradford Grammar School

Dixons Allerton Academy

Dixons City Academy

Dixons Cottingley Academy

Dixons Kings Academy

Dixons McMillian Academy

Dixons Trinity Academy

Feversham Acadmey

MA Institute School

Oasis Lister Park Academy

Olive Secondary School

Titus Salts School