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A school meal costs £1.90 per day (£9.50 per week). The children have a choice of 2 different hot meals/ jacket potatoes/ paninis/ wraps /sandwiches and a choice of 2 desserts.

In January 2020 the price of a school meal increased to £1.90 per day (£9.50 per week).

The school needs to ask all parents for information regarding their free school meal entitlement. It is very important that this information is correct as the provision of school meals is affected by these figures and you may also be losing out on your entitlement. You can check your eligibility for free school meals on Bradford Council’s website.

Click here to find out information regarding our School Meals App and menu.


Payments for school dinners, milk, trips, class fund, breakfast club and other events need to be paid through ParentPay, our cashless school payment system.


SchoolPing is a free to download app which allows you to receive instant messages straight to your smartphone, wherever you are. We send letters including trip letters, newsletter, termly milk requests, parental events and reminders to parents through the app. Parent Consultation evenings times are booked through SchoolPing and this is also how we advise of school closures.


Medication can only be accepted in school where it has been prescribed by a doctor or other medical professional.

It must be provided to the school in a secure and labelled container. Medication can only be administered to pupils where parents provide such medication to the school and parents must specifically request in writing that the school administers it.

Parents must also specify in advance at what times/intervals and what dose of the medicine is to be given. A request form (Supporting Children with Medical Needs in School) must be completed and signed by the parent prior to the medication being administered.


Information on how to access the School Performance Tables on the DfE website, please visit

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Please visit our E-Safety page for information and tips to keep your children safe online.