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Manchester City

On Wednesday 29th December 13 pupils visited the Etihad Stadium to watch Manchester City play Southampton.

Children were asked to write a letter explaining why they wanted to go, then names were randomly picked out of a hat.

Hopefully we will be arranging other trips to different stadiums and comparing how the football grounds differ in the different leagues.

10 responses to “Manchester City”

  1. Haider S 6k says:

    Yeah, Mr. Khan If We Go Next Time, Make It A Manchester United Match Just Because Man UTD Are The Best!

  2. Haider S 6k says:


  3. Haider S 6k says:

    You Should’ve Took More Photos!

  4. Haider S 6k says:


  5. Tawhid 6K says:

    Sir, can you please do a Manchester United match next time because I want to go!
    P.S. Manchester United are the best!

  6. hibbah 6k says:

    i went it was soo fun with my bff

  7. Farwanawaz says:

    Wow looks like you lot had fun 😂🤣😝😜

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