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The overarching aim of our English Curriculum is to provide pupils with a high-quality education in English that will teach pupils to speak, read and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others effectively.

National Curriculum: spelling (all year groups)

National Curriculum: vocabulary, grammar and punctuation (all year groups)


Aim: To create fluent readers, who have a good understanding of the vocabulary that they read, can infer meaning from what they have read and read a range of reading materials to develop a love of reading.

The Key Reading Principles

  1. Pupils learn to read from reading continuous text.
  2. Pupils need to read a range of high-quality texts to build a reading process.
  3. Pupils need to read a large quantity of texts to build a reading process.
  4. Vary the purpose of their reading.
  5. Teachers need to model reading.
  6. Pupils need different levels of support at different times.
  7. Getting the level of the text right is essential.
  8. Pupil’s reading must be linked to real life purposes.

The Reading Progression document shows the objectives for reading in Years 1 to 6 organised by strand, detailing the progression between each year group.

Reading at Iqra Academy.

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Aim: To develop pupils who write clear, accurate and coherent texts, adapting their language and style for a range of contexts, purposes and audience. All writing should demonstrate a wide and varied use of vocabulary with an understanding of and accurate use of grammar.

The Key Writing Principles

  1. Writing has a clear purpose.
  2. Pupils include imaginative description.
  3. Writing is organised appropriately.
  4. Pupils group ideas and develop the use of paragraphs.
  5. Sentences are used for both clarity and effect.
  6. Pupils understand how appropriate grammatical choices give effect and meaning to writing.
  7. Pupils reflect upon their own writing and read it aloud for others.
  8. Writing is presented neatly.
  9. Pupils understand the need for accuracy in spelling.
  10. Pupils use punctuation accurately to add clarity to writing.

The Writing Progression document includes the objectives for writing in Years 1 to 6, detailing the progression between each year group.

At Iqra Academy the whole school follows the Read to Write scheme for writing which is an evidence-based teaching of writing. These units have been carefully mapped out so the entire statutory curriculum for writing is covered for each year group.

Read to Write provides opportunity for high-quality teaching of writing through children’s high-quality literature (Vehicle Texts). The units of work centre on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of writing opportunities.

Each class produces 12 pieces of extended writing a year following the process of immerse, analyse, plan and write. All 12 pieces of work are published and displayed across school to celebrate the high standard of writing. In addition to the 12 extended pieces of writing the children have numerous opportunities to do incidental writes linking to their vehicle text.

The expectation of writing in all areas from spelling, grammar, handwriting and content is high in all units of Read to Write.


What is in the Read to Write units?

  • Clear Sequential Episodes of Learning
  • Example Texts (greater depth WAGOLL)
  • Learning Objectives that link to the teaching sequence (Immerse, Analyse, Plan Write)
  • Vocabulary Learning
  • Contextualised Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation
  • Sentence Accuracy Work
  • Progressions Documents with Year Group Expectations
  • Example Planning Format
  • Wider Reading for the Wider Curriculum
  • Explicit Links to the National Curriculum

Below you will find the curriculum coverage from EYFS to Year 6

Whole School curriculum coverage document

Below you will find evidence of how writing progression is supported across each year group:

Reception Progression Overview

Year 1 Progression overview

Year 2 Progression overview

Year 3 Progression overview

Year 4 Progression overview

Year 5 Progression Overview

Year 6 Progression Overview

The following links contain fun practice games for practicing grammar, spellings and punctuation.

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