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Busy Bees Celebrating Chinese New Year

Our children have been extremely busy this term learning about the importance of Festivals and so they learnt about the Chinese New Year which is all about Happiness, Health , Wealth and Prosperity. They learnt how to pronounce the phrase ” Gong Xi Fa Cai” which means have a prosperous new year.
Children took part in creating popular dishes eaten during this period such as noodles which we made using thread and string.  Chinese meals are traditionally eaten with chopsticks which the children also made, decorated, and even attempted to eat with Рturns out Mrs Ratnik is an expert after years and years of practise. Children also made lanterns with bright colours and intricate symbols which are a sign of happiness and peace. The most enjoyable part had to be learning about traditional Kungfu which is practised throughout china as well as dragon inspired dance which takes place in parades and festivals around the world РThe Busy Bees put together an exhilarating performance and lead a parade at school  : here are some pictures.

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