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SMCS and British Values


At IQRA Academy pupils and staff work together to create a fun and happy learning environment. We like to provide children with experiences that will prepare children for life in modern Britain.

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Educational visits offer children opportunities to be imaginative and creative in their learning. At IQRA Academy pupils are given the opportunity to experience and have fun in different social settings. Every year Dads are invited into school to take part in activities with their children.


Pupils behavior at IQRA Academy is celebrated through a range of activities that also include parents.

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As a school we contribute to our community through donations from pupils, families, governors and staff which are distributed to our local food banks

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We provide opportunities to link with schools from different backgrounds.


At IQRA Academy we celebrate the festivals of all religions. Every year we also participate in artistic and musical activities to enhance our understanding of  other cultures.

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We celebrate different religions and beliefs in fun and exciting ways. Children in Year 3 visited a Gurdwara as part of their RE work on Places of worship.

British Values

At IQRA Academy we promote all the fundamental British values

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