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Schools are run by a governing body working with the head teacher and senior management team to ensure pupils receive a high standard of education.

What do Governors do?

Together with the Head teacher they are responsible for making sure our schools provide good quality education
They provide challenge and support to headteachers, drawing on their knowledge and experience
They make decisions together on matters such as performance, targets, school policies and school development plans
They monitor the impact of policies and oversee school budgets and staffing
They report on school achievements and respond to inspection recommendations
They hear appeals from pupils and staff and consider complaints
They ask searching questions and respect the position of headteachers as professional leaders of schools

Duties of the governing bodies in relation to special educational needs (SEN).
The Governing Body should, in co-operation with the Head teacher, determine the schools general policy and provision for children with SEN. It should establish the appropriate staffing and funding arrangements and maintain a general oversight of the schools work. The Governing Body must report to the parents annually on the schools policy on SEN. It is the role of the appointed SEN Governor to ensure that these responsibilities are being met by the Governing Body

Our named governor for SEN is Mrs Asama Javed.

List of Governors

Mrs Anwar-Bleem (Principal) – Ex-officio

Mr Parwaiz Bashir – Chair of Governors

Mr Asam Javed – Governor

Mr Emmerson Walgrove – Lay Chaplain

Mr Faqir-Ur-Rahman – Governor

Mr Rizwan Aziz –  Governor

Mrs Asama Javed – Parent Governor

Mr Mohammed Younis Hussain – Governor

Mr Peter Cusack – Staff Governor

Mrs Helen Dawson – Staff Governor

Mrs Nageena Khan – Clerk to Governors

Dates of Governor Meetings 2016/2017

Code of Conduct for Iqra Academy

Link governors were reviewed in September 2016 and proposed as follows:

Subject Area Link Governor School Contact
English/ phonics Mr P Bashir Mrs N Gilpin
Mathematics Mrs A Javed Mrs J Shovlin
SEN/inclusion Mr A Javed Mrs A Lindup
IT Mr R Aziz Mr P Cusack
EYFS Mr Y Hussain Mrs L Dodsworth
PE Mr A Javed Mr W Broxholme
RE PSHE Mr E Walgrove Mrs R Dunn-Birch
Cross- curricular Mrs S Anwar-Bleem
Science Mr P Bashir Mrs J Garlik
Ofsted Area Link Governor School Contact
Attainment and Targets Mrs A Javed Mrs S Anwar-Bleem
Quality of Teaching and Learning Mr P Bashir Mrs J Shovlin
Behaviour Mr E Walgrove Mr Zirak Nafees
Safeguarding: Child Protection and E-safety Mr R Aziz Mrs S Anwar-Bleem
Leadership and Management Mr R Aziz Mrs S Anwar-Bleem
Community and partnerships  Mr E Walgrove Learning Leaders

Here are statements from some of our school governors;

Chair of Governors

Parwaiz Bashir: I have been involved in school governance for a significant time in Bradford. I am a qualified accountant and have significant experience of internal audit, statutory audit and corporate finance. I have in previous jobs undertaken financial audits at schools, reviewing controls and governance processes. I have been chair of governors since the academy started on 1 September 2013.

I have experience of all aspects of financial management, governance, project management, performance management and IT development. I have been able to make use of all these skills and experiences in academy governance particularly for our ambition to continue to improve.

Lay Chaplain

Emmerson Walgrove: I have lived in the Manningham area for over 10 years and regularly attend the Parish Church of St Paul’s Manningham, where I am a Lay Minister leading worship & administrating the Chalice at various services

Recently I became a Director of Equality Together which is a Disabled People led organisation for the Bradford District and beyond, it aims to tackle and challenge disabling barriers. Also I am involved as a Director of the Bradford and District Community Empowerment Network (CNet) and Deputy Chair of Bradford & District Disabled People’s Forum (BDPF) which exists for disabled people and disability groups together to ensure that they have a stronger voice in the district.”

In 2013 The Governing Body appointed Mr Emmerson Walgrove as Lay Chaplain to Iqra Academy.

“As Lay Chaplain, I have been involved with various faith assemblies with Mrs R Dunn-Birch (RE Co-ordinator) along with making links with local faith leaders to enable them to come in to school to lead some of our assemblies”.

“I am also involved as Lay Chaplain along with various Staff, pupils and governors in distributing food parcels to community groups or organisations which provide support to the homeless & vulnerable people in local community”

The main role of the Lay Chaplain is to offer pastoral support to all faiths and to all pupils, staff and parents.

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Rizwan Aziz: My child attends Iqra Academy. I am an IT professional and have been a governor for three years’.


Asam Javed: ‘ I am the chair of finance and also a parent at the school. I am a Business and Financial commercial bank officer and I have a degree in Science. I have experience working as a youth worker and am heavily involved in helping the community’.


Fariq-Ur-Rahman: ‘I have been associated with the school for many years, offering support particularly linking with parents and the local community’.

Parent Governor

Mohammed Younis Hussain: ‘I have recently joined the governing body at Iqra Academy as a parent governor. I have previous experience as a governor and I hope to bring this and my experience as Director of a local distribution company to the already dedicated professional skills mix of the governing body. I look forward to working with teachers and parents for the betterment of pupils education and achievement’.

Parent Governor

Asama Javed (LLB Hons): ‘I am an award winning Family Lawyer and an Immigration Lawyer. I am heavily involved in helping the community and I have children attending Iqra Academy’