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Dance for Life

IQRA Academy took part in the Exchange Project at the Alhambra theatre on Saturday 11th February 2017. The dance group was made up of children from Year 6. Our pupils behaved impeccably during the whole show and we received fantastic feedback from the organisers:

Firstly the children of IQRA performed amazingly. It was so lovely to watch from the side of the stage and see them so enthusiastic about performing in front of such a large audience and to see them love every minute of it.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Mr Broxholme and Mr Beeley for giving up their Saturday evening to chaperone. They ended up not only looking after their students but also St Clares and with the help of Lydia, my volunteer, Dance for life. They give so much to the children at school and push them to make sure they have these opportunities and it’s great to see we still have some people in the world that care for children’s well-being.

Thank you again.

Laura Liddon

Dance for Life Coordinator

Sport & Leisure Service

Here are some pictures:

Dance 2  Dance 3

Dance 6  Dance 5

Dance 4  Dance 7

Dance 1

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  • Maliha mehmood says:

    Awesome 😎

  • Yousuf imran says:

    I was dancing at the Alhambra therther

  • Mrs Bleem says:

    This is amazing
    Once again our staff have shown their dedication and commitment to providing memorable and enjoyable experiences for our pupils.
    Pupils had a great time and loved every moment.

  • Asama javed says:

    What a packed out audience..the kids were great… seemed so professional… proud of ayyan and all da kids

  • Umymah Ali says:

    Amazing performance

  • QaimMkhan says:

    That’s sooo lit 💕❤️