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100% Attendance Celebrations

Here at Iqra Academy we celebrate excellent attendance throughout the academic year. By the end of the year a pupil who has achieved 100% attendance for the whole year, will have gained a bronze, silver & gold certificate, prizes and be invited to take part in our 100% attendance celebration assembly, receiving a medal, their gold certificate and a special prize.

Classes who achieve 100% attendance during the week receive a special treat on a Friday. The class who has the highest percentage attendance over the whole year are presented with a pinata!

Well done class 1L and Rainbow Nursery for achieving 100% attendance for the week commencing Monday 6th March 2017:

Class 1L

Class 2T & class 6K won the 100% attendance treat for the week commencing Monday 30th January 2017:

Attendance  Attendance1

Class 3DB won the 100% attendance treat for the week commencing Monday 23rd January 2017:

thumbnail_IMG_10471  3DB attendance1

Every school day counts! 

Days absent from school Percentage attendance
0 100%
10 95%
19 90%
28 85%

A day off here and there adds up to a week…. a month….!

Please do not arrange holidays during term time. Holidays will not be authorised by the school, you may receive a fine from the council and your child could lose their place at our Academy.

Every minute counts!

Children who are late in a morning are missing important phonics lessons (Foundation Stage & KS1) and important guided reading sessions (KS1 & KS2).

The table below illustrates how being just a few minutes late adds up over the course of a year.

Minutes late per day School days lost
5 3
10 6.5
15 10 (2 weeks)
20 13
25 15 (3 weeks)

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  • Haider S says:


  • Tompard says:

    I would’ve had 100% attendance but I was really sick for two weeks. But it doesn’t matter like come on ATTENDANCE.

  • jelly says:

    IVE GOT 100%! i am so happy tompard

  • Alishia bostan says:

    I’ve got 100% attendendence im so happy proud of myself mashalla 😆

  • QaimMkhan says:

    U got bronze at least something is better than nothing

  • QaimMkhan says:

    I got bronze at least something is better than nothing